Sales Execution Models

Sales models create predictability in a sales cycle; particularly for management to get a good view on how credible a sales forecast is. I have used three different execution models at different times. At IBM, I used a combination of SCOTSMAN and the one listed below, BANT. The former was good for deal that were further along around sales stages 4 onwards and BANT was good for initial qualifications that I used with the inside sales teams to pre-qualify deals.

BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timing)

BANT is likely the most popular model in the B2B sales arena. I learned BANT while at IBM and I rely on it the most because it is easy. A short acronym quickly helps focus the mind around the four critical elements. Most of our lead scoring models with marketing automation use a BANT model to build a scoring qualification – though we recognize that the primary insight around lead quality will occur with the sales team after the lead has been deemed a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).
  • Is budget available for project?
  • If no budget, will budget be provided
  • No budget
  •  What is the contact’s title?
  • Are they a decision maker?
  • Are they an influencer?
  • What problem are they trying to solve?
  • Are they just researching?
  • Are they job seekers?
  • Are they college students?
  • Are they trying to sell YOU something?
  •  When do they want to make a purchase decision?

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